Head to Lapa to Visit One Of The 10 Best Bars In The World

To party at one of the best live music bars in the world head to Lapa (which is famous for its historical monuments and nightlife)and experience Rio Scenarium.  When you first arrive the initial reaction is ‘wow this place sort of feels like New Orleans’ with lots of older large buildings screaming with different live music performances.  And no matter what time you arrive the line is enormous, stretching the length of crossing at least 3 avenues in NYC!

Once you make it through the line you are handed a drink card (one of the best policies in Brazil, is that you never put a credit card down at the bar or have to pay as you drink—- the bar tender simply checks off your drink card every time you order a drink, and you pay on the way out! Something NYC should seriously consider looking into!).

Rio Scenarium has taken over a 3 floor renovated warehouse, antique store turned bar with all levels decorated with various antique objects.  There is an old horse ‘n buggy on the 3rd floor which was my favorite (see below)

Known for its awesome Brazilian live music live bands perform on the 1st floor stage each night.  There are balconies on the 2nd and 3rd floors overlooking the stage where you will see tons of people samba dancing away! 

Get ready to samba and dance the night away—this place is a blast and if you come to Brazil I highly recommend it!

http://www.wellcomemat.com/wm_video_1/5B394A3CE5Rio Scenarium produced by Pamela Granoff on WellcomeMat Tweet

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If you are trying to find a place to watch the NCAA tournament in Brazil, there is only ONE place to go: Shenanigans.  Walk up the narrow staircase immediately that ‘college bar smell’ hits you like a ton of bricks. 

With lots of beers to choose from, and a real ‘American bar’ food menu (ie wings, nachos, etc) you will feel right at home watching your favorite games here. Might be hard to see it on the menu (pic below), but the last item on the right is “Guido Carpaccio” hahah.  Funny also because no other item has a name like that to it;)

Not just a regular bar, there is a pool table in the middle of the room, a dart board (there are competitions) and on Saturday nights there is a live band singing your favorite college bar songs! There is also a balcony for those that need a little fresh air from time to time. 

 Keeping it ‘classy’, they ‘chilled’ my bottle of vino in the Heini bucket;)