Graffiti: Ipanema

Every day I spot something new, there really is beautiful graffiti in every area of Rio.  Some of the beautiful images are repeated throughout the city. For example this chic below….you can actually find her in Ipanema, Jardim Botanico and in Copacabana (at least that’s where I have seen her).

This also goes for these little bears (below).  You can see them all over the city, each one is painted in different colors, but you can tell they are all part of the same ‘bear family’ done by the same artist.

Check out how realistic the faces look below- almost like someone blew up a picture and mounted it on the wall!


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Graffiti: Copacabana.. Where the Wild Things Are

The graffiti here is unbelievable!! I can’t get enough of it.  Everywhere you turn there is something striking to look at, so colorful and alive.  Here are some of my favorites from Copacabana

Beijos (usually you end an email ‘bjs’ means Kisses!


Graffiti – Jardim Botânico

Personally, I am a huge fan of graffiti, and here in Rio, you truly see art everywhere. Since you are not here to see it live, I will be bringing this amazing graffiti to you from all the different areas of Brazil! For my first entry on Graffiti I am taking you to Jardim Botânico or the Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden (which I will cover in an upcoming post). There are miles of walls covered in gorgeous graffiti, from scenic views…

and underwater adventures to nature; you can expect all sorts of beautiful images gracing the walls surrounding the various areas.

Artists here use vibrant colors and various techniques to express themselves.  Really brightens up the city! There is also a surprising amount of “Japanimation” (anime) which I will cover in an upcoming post.  Hope you enjoyed your first taste of the wonderful ‘street art’ Rio has to offer