Everyone know that as soon as Christmas is over, all of the decorations and candy in Duane Reade/CVS magically transform into Valentines day decorations & candy almost immediately…. Brazil is largely a Catholic country, so instead of xmas to Valentines (since Valentines here is in June) we experience the transformation from Carnival to Easter almost overnight! 

At every Zona Sul(the popular supermarket here) and Lojes Americana (ie Kmart/Target) the ceilings are covered with hanging chocolate eggs.  As you can see below, there are many different kinds- from crunch bar, to bon bon, white chocolate and fruit however you fancy your chocolates you will find them in egg formation.  Normally, the eggs are hollow chocolate with smaller chocolates inside- great item to bring to someones house!  Yes here in Brazil, if someone invites you over, you are supposed to bring a gift- chocolate or wine will do.

Prices on these babies range from R$15 (for the little ones) to R$400 at the fancy chocolate places for the larger ones.  Pretty crazy what people are spending on these chocolate eggs.

It is a mandatory holiday here so no one has work Thursday or Friday——-

Happy Easter



Hottest Place to be Easter Weekend…. Rio

People from all over the world flock to Rio to celebrate Easter! Starting at 8am the beaches are fully packed!

It is amazing because in America if anyone sat this close together people would think it was very strange, here it is completely normal…and no one is bothered by it.

The beach stays crowded till at least 6pm…

Beautiful pink sunset behind the mountains


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