Looking For An Adventurous Dining Experience in Paraty?

You really work up an appetite after swinging from ropes and splashing around the waterfalls!! So why not extend your adventurous day of experiences by heading to Villa Verde for lunch! To get there, you have to walk across Indiana Jones style rope bridge (see below)

Once you make it across get ready to be enchanted by the beautiful gardens, full of floral and fauna. The bungalow style restaurant structure allows for a perfect view from any location. The menu has a number of delectable options, we went for the fresh made pesto pasta (best I have had since I got to Brazil) and the Brazilian style ribs with banana farofa.

Enjoy your meal while listening to the waterfalls cascading in the background then take a walk around the beautiful property before heading back on the road.  A truly adventurous dining experience!


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Waterfall Adventures in Paraty

If you go to Paraty, doing one of the waterfall tours (Paraty Tours) is a must!For $60 for the day you will get to explore, swim in and slide down some of the most beautiful waterfalls in Brazil.

The tour takes you to 3-4 waterfalls inside of the Serra da Bocaina.   Our first stop took us to  Pedra Branca’s waterfall (see above).  It was beautiful but the water was freezing!!! We hiked up to the top where there is a nice area to swim in… beautiful but more of an icey adventure…

After splashing around for a bit, we hopped back in the jeep and headed towards Tarzã waterfall. There is a mini hike to get to each waterfall and this was worth the twists and turns to get to! As you can see from the picture above, there was a rope that you can ‘Tarzan’ style swing from to enter the water!

Before reaching our final waterfall we stopped at the entrance of the Gold trail, it took slaves 40-50 days carrying gold on their backs to get across the trail.  Lots of rich history in this area.  Then it was time for our final ‘trek’ to Tobogã waterfall.

I know, you are thinking THAT LOOKS AWESOME and you’re right it is AWESOME!  It is the most famous because people can slide down the waterfall! Before sliding down our guide (who was extremely helpful) took the lead and brought us inside/ behind the top waterfall (not shown).  It was such a rush, apparently it is where slaves used to hide- only room for 2 people at a time, but it is an incredible feeling to be behind the scenes under the waterfall as it is crashing down in front of you.  Note only way to get out from under it— slide down! After sliding through that waterfall it was time to actually slide down the big waterfall- check out the video of me sliding down:

http://www.wellcomemat.com/wm_video_1/E5EA76C3B4Sliding down Tobog waterfall produced by Pamela Granoff on WellcomeMat Tweet

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