Spend The Day Cruising around Itacuruca

This weekend in Brazil is a mandatory 4 day weekend… yes they take their holidays very seriously here… So, instead of fleeing the city during Easter Weekend we opted to do one of the ‘City-Discovery’ day tours: Tropical Islands which costs $89.99 for the day.

We visited the city of Itacuruca, located 1.5 hours away from Rio de Janeiro, in the district of Mangaratiba (Near Angra).  The main activities in this small fishing village.. yes you guessed it fishing, as well as agriculture and tourism. Once we arrived in this little village we boarded the Saveiro, (name given a boat that looks like a schooner) and set off for a cruises around the Sepetiba Bay.  This area is rich in natural beauty, lots of flora and fauna as well as dolphins, giant king-fisher, parrots, turtle and sting-rays, which we unfortunately didn’t see.

A stop is made for a swim (see above) and then the saveiro continues to the island of Itacuruca where we got off at Hotel Pierre for a delicious lunch self-service buffet. Arriving at the hotel, you feel like you’re on your own private island as there is nothing around it- was a little ‘rustic’ but had a great view and a nice pool.

We were able to explore the Island before returning to Itacuruça—- will be posting that adventure soon, so stay tuned!


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