Graffiti: Copacabana.. Where the Wild Things Are

The graffiti here is unbelievable!! I can’t get enough of it.  Everywhere you turn there is something striking to look at, so colorful and alive.  Here are some of my favorites from Copacabana

Beijos (usually you end an email ‘bjs’ means Kisses!



Crazy Sand Castles in Copacabana

  It’s pretty impressive what can be done with a little sand…

People get VERY creative in Copacabana!

And in honor of Carnival 2011…

Trying new foods..

Today we headed to Copacabana(will post more about that later) but figured I would share my first time trying Arab food experience…. Since I had no idea what I would like, I piled on pretty much everything that I thought could be appealing… So as you can see there’s a chicken skewer (usually a safe choice), most of these little guys are filled with beef or cheese and of course some hummus and falafel in the mix.  I’ll be honest the falafel and hummus was good, the rest was well… overall an interesting eating experience (one for which I am unfortunately paying for now).  Glad I was daring and tried it all but think I will pass the next time someone suggests it…