Hot Zone

It is now officially ‘fall’ here which means that the temperature has been dropping and we are experiencing a bit of a cold and rainy front (highs of 74!). I know you are reading this and either thinking ” 74 degrees is not cold!” or “jealous/she doesn’t need it to rub it in, I wouldn’t be complaining about 74 degrees right now”… Anyways, it is cold here and you will see a report on the ‘winter fashion’ soon. On a ‘cold’ rainy day when you live in a beach town what do you do for excitement besides go to a movie? Head over to Hot Zone in Barra Shopping, the ‘Dave & Busters’ of Brazil.

Hot Zone is one of the most modern indoor game zones with 2,000 square meters of pure games and rides chaos!  Over 150 game devices ie: driving games (like above), ‘jump shot’ the basketball game, air hockey, shooting games, dance dance revolution, as well as your favorite ‘chuck-e-cheese’ style games- squirting a water gun to fill up a water balloon, hitting the little ground hogs (don’t even pretend you don’t know what I am talking about!)

There were also some very interesting crazy rides… Yes you are reading correctly, rides in the mall, there was the ‘pirate ship’ that swings back and forth, that ‘tower of terror’ style ride, an ‘auto track’ bumper car style, and a 3D roller coaster (shown above) you sit inside a box while it rocks, flips, twists and turns you as you travel through a virtual roller coaster.  Check out the video:

Virtual Roller coaster produced by Pamela Granoff on WellcomeMat

Of course playings games is even more fun when you win tickets (we won 550)! At the end, after your tickets are counted up there are tons of little items and large ones (6500 tickets and you get a tv!) for you to take home as your souvenir for the day.  Perfect place for kids of ALL ages;)