Graffiti: Ipanema

Every day I spot something new, there really is beautiful graffiti in every area of Rio.  Some of the beautiful images are repeated throughout the city. For example this chic below….you can actually find her in Ipanema, Jardim Botanico and in Copacabana (at least that’s where I have seen her).

This also goes for these little bears (below).  You can see them all over the city, each one is painted in different colors, but you can tell they are all part of the same ‘bear family’ done by the same artist.

Check out how realistic the faces look below- almost like someone blew up a picture and mounted it on the wall!


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Pamela is an international tech events planner and social media marketing strategist living in São Paulo, Brazil. After spending 6 years in New York, where she launched the Future of Local, an event which celebrates the people, technologies and services helping to transcend the meaning of ‘local’; Pam moved to Rio de Janeiro 2 years ago driven to help grow her ‘new’ tech community. In March of 2012 she organized the first Demo Day to take place in Brazil for the digital accelerator 21212. In November Pam organized the first Entrepreneur Week Brazil, a weeklong conference to help entrepreneurs grow a successful business. Since moving to Sao Paulo she has joined the Girls On It team and started her own C-level executive group. When she isn’t working she enjoys working out, photographing urban street art, blogging about new restaurants and exploring her new city.

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