Want To Splast Around In the Natural Swimming Pool of Trindade?

While in Paraty, take a 30 minute drive over to Trindade where you will explore incredible beaches with the natural beauty of the mountains surrounding you.  For the first stop on our tour we went to Praia do Cepilho, waves were 10-15 feet high!

Then we drove over to the beach near the village “Ranchos” where our journey began.  Take a guided trek through the mountains to arrive at another stunning beach. Then another trek through the mountain (the ‘trek or hiking part is actually really fun)

Finally you will arrive at Caixa d’Aço the natural swimming pool. It is pretty incredible, a beautiful enclosed completely untouched area where you can swim, snorkel or climb on the rocks.  It’s incredible!

After you have had enough splashing around its time to trek/beach your way back for lunch at VAGALUME.  Located right on the beach near village “Ranchos” it is a fantastic spot for lunch. Considering that this is a fishing village, the menu is full of many fish choices as well as some traditional Brazilian beef/chicken options, note the yuka fries are a must try!   Warning there are a lot of bees, bring bug spray and if you can, have them move your table onto the sand, its more fun, kept the bees away and when huge waves rolled in, your feet get splashed!


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The ‘Hamptons of Brazil’ : Buzios – West Coast

Buzios, dubbed as “the hamptons of Brasil”, “St Tropez of Brazil’, or the ‘playground of the rich’ is a small, charming fishing village filled with cute boutiques, great restaurants and incredible nightlife 3 hours from Rio.  Getting there: Rent a car OR take the bus… Bus is really easy, clean, only takes about 2.5 hours and costs $25.

Búzios is a peninsula of mountains with beaches between almost every one of them.  The west coast beaches are calm, beautiful clear waters (great for swimming and relaxing) while the east coast beaches face the open sea, better for surfing/water sports (I will cover these in a future post).  The beach pictured above is Ossos, a secluded tiny beach that you have to ‘hike’ down to: yes below is the ‘trail’ to the beach… it’s a little muddy but totally worth it when you make it to the bottom!
You can climb along the rocks, have a drink and relax, then head to the next beautiful beach, Azedinha Azeda (pictured below). Another small secluded beach with an amazing view! Other popular beaches on the west coast include: Joao Fernandes, Brava, and Tartaruga.  

If you don’t feel like walking/hiking around to the different beaches there are several other options: 1. Water taxi (little power boats) that will take you to whatever beach you want to visit on the west side.  2. Rent a ‘buggy’, warning they are stick shift only, so if you can’t drive a stick…you can’t drive a buggy! 3. Catamaran (will cover in a future post).

Historical things not to miss:The statue of Brigette Bardot by Chrisina Motta. Brigette Bardot has been credited with popularizing the town of Buzios when she visited it in 1964 with her boyfriend at the time, Brazilian musician Bob Zagury.  Fun fact: Brigette Bardot is also credited with popularizing the bikini (Thanks Brigette!!)

One the most well known sights of Buzios: the bronze statues of the Three Fisherman of Buzios. Always hard at work these fisherman are a reminder of the fishing roots of this once rustic village. In the evening the water will reach up to their knees!

More on Buzios to come!