Bikini Report

I have now embraced and become accustomed to sporting a true ‘Brazilian Bikini’ ie. my Bunda (tush) is a golden brown and no longer a reflective pale white… That being said, I realize the ‘bare’ all look is not for everyone (believe me it took a little while to get used to!) For most of you the thought of wearing a Brazilian bottom is out of the question… Therefore I must introduce you to Olga Olsson.

Olga Olsson is bohemian, sexy and contemporary, creating designer swimwear that is personal and unique; products that enhance diversity, celebrate traditions, create meaningful employment and respect local environmental conditions.

Every aspect of Olga Olsson’s bathing suits is put together with a lot of thought and a lot of love.  In fact, the local environment plays a huge factor in creating these gorgeous swim suits.  Doing her part to reduce her carbon footprint, each raw material used to make her stylish swimwear is sourced from Brazil. To start off the tag (made out of recycled cardboard) is a ‘Fita de bonfim’: ribbon from Salvador that you wrap around your wrist and knot 3 times making a wish. Wear it until it breaks off and your wish will come true.

These bathing suits (made of the highest blend of Brazilian lycra) are SO soft and comfortable you will have trouble keeping your hands off yourself! A variety of tops to choose from (bandeau, halter, etc), so go with what you prefer and…For the bottoms (don’t worry ladies, you will not feel over exposed if you don’t want top;)) there are many different choice ‘ties’ including a San Francisco cord (think the braided rope Monks where as a belt to hold up their robes), or the tulle ribbon ties (unbelievably soft!) these suits are extremely flattering (you know what I’m talking about).  Don’t believe me- You can even spot Elle MacPherrson and Kate Moss sporting these bikinis!

There are plenty of sexy solid basics, but it is her digital screen prints of the beaches in Ipanema at sunset and the hand painted silk screens that truly make her collection unique and different; something you will feel special wearing (I kept mine on for the rest of the day)!

Inspired by the beauty and sophistication of nature, together with the dynamism and creativity of urban life; we reject the global uniform of fast fashion. 

Going to the beach or living on one, it is crucial to wear a well made, good quality sexy bikini… especially since you are showing (almost) all of your goodies!

Designer and Founder Ruth Ferguson named the brand after her grandmother Olga, who was both glamorous and kind; two qualities that are reflected in the design and development of the collections.

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