I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Ice Cream

Is there anything better than a cold ice cream on a hot day? The answer: NO! Personally, I LOVE ice cream/fro-yo/ gelato and I eat it every day. Thankfully, Brazil feels the same way about ice cream and offers lots of different kinds (see Sorvete Italia)! On almost every block in Leblon or Ipanema you will find some sort of this delicious frozen treat.

Today is my birthday so felt it fitting to post about my favorite dessert:)

There are many ‘pinkberry’ like fro-yo places…. I am not a fan so wont be covering them (sorry guys, I like my frozen treats sweet not tart!) Yogi is fat free fro-yo, but this is NOT average frozen yogurt…

They have 2 frozen yogurt flavors: regular (ie vanilla) and chocolate.  Now you can have it the regular boring style in a cup with some toppings, but with Yogi you actually can design your own flavor! Step 1- pick your flavor.  Step 2- select 3 ingredients that would create your perfect frozen dessert from frozen fruits (they get crushed in), fresh fruits, candy toppings or nuts.  Step 3- they mash is all together, creating YOUR personalized treat! My fav is chocolate base with frozen strawberries, coconut and some peanuts mmmm good!

Gelato is also extremely popular here in Brazil (again see Sorvete Italia)!  Personally, nothing compares to 16 Handles in NYC, but I would say that the gelato version in Buzios: Sorveteria Square comes pretty close.  As you can see above there are many flavors of gelato to choose from, so grab a scooper and start creating your favorite flavor combination! After you are satisfied with your flavor selection, head over to the toppings bar: This is the BEST part! It feels like you are in the ‘Sunday Bar’ line at a Bar Mitzvah but no one is pushing and shoving you out of the way and as a bonus there are way more toppings:) That marshmellow fluff gets me every time!

Whether you crave soft serve or gelato, while in Brazil you will never feel deprived of your favorite frozen treat