You say potato, I say potato

When I was little my mom would occasionally take me to Wendy’s (ok, it was only if I was sick or we were going to a movie near by) for the potato bar… You remember when they had those right? You got your baked potato and loaded it up with cheese, veggies or bacon…. Well on the top floor of Shopping Leblon you will find Batata Inglesa

This place gives a whole new meaning to ‘loaded baked potato’! Toppings include: Beef Stroganoff, Chicken (prepared a few dif ways), Grilled Tenderloin, Bolonese, Provolone/Cream/Gorgonzola/Cottage/4 Cheese, Bacon, Mushrooms, Sausage, Cod (Brazilian favorite), Butter, AND Garlic Butter—Now that is a LOT of toppings!

It’s pretty amazing. Customize whatever you are in the mood for and enjoy… I certainly did!