Carnival Sambadrome Part 1- Preparations & the Box

When you see carnival on TV, you see that there are the grand stands (stadium style) and then there are private boxes… those boxes.. you cannot pay for, you can only be invited to get in them (a family friend was kind enough to invite us!) and once you are invited in, it is an interesting process! First the day before the event you go to a location (in this case the top floor of the Marina Hotel) and they take your pictures ie make you an ID card you have to wear. Then they give you havaianas and a t shirt- there are different colors for each day.  In the same space there is another room full of all sorts of crazy things to decorate your shirt with like a bedazzler (yes think 1980’2 infomercials!), ribbons, feathers, beads etc. 

The day of, you can head back there to also get your nails and Carnival make up done (yes i did it!) LOTS of glitter!! Since this is all organized for you there are vans that take everyone to the Sambadrome.  When you arrive there are people who walk you to your box.

The Box: is like a private box at a football stadium but 1000 times bigger, fancier and crazier! It is 3 floors (top level is stadium style outside with an inside section, first and second levels, are inside with huge windows so you can watch the parade). Each level has multiple waiters walking around with champagne, scotch, beers and anything else you might want to drink as well as a sushi bar, and tons of other delicious food. After eating everything in site, of course one would want a massage… no problem! there are 3 different massage stations- def not your average ‘VIP box’!